What to do to lose Belly Fat? 4 Tricks To Lose Belly Fat, Don’t lose the 4 trick

Regardless if you are overweight or if you are already thin, everyone has a body part that you could change, mainly due to the extra fat accumulation.

In reality, having lots of fat in the abdominal area is completely connected  to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It is natural to worry about always being in shape.

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It is foolish to think that this is an exclusively female concern. Many men also care with their body and appearance.

Belly fat is not just about a problem, because it can look bad.

Moreover, keeping your body in shape is essential to always maintain good health. This is because excess weight and also excess of fat accumulation are proven to be harmful to health and can cause a number of diseases and chronic conditions.

One of the places where the majority of the population accumulates fat is in the abdominal region.

The fat inside the belly area is also called visceral fat.

This type of fat produces stress hormones such as cortisol and inflammatory substances called cytokines that affect the production of insulin in the body.

The result is worse than just being overweight, you are prone to developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

This is because the abdominal region is quite favorable for the accumulation of fat, so it is important to always maintain a good diet and an adequate exercise routine to ensure better health.

Liquid calories are dangerous, they are not “registered” by the brain the same way as solid calories, so when you drink sugary drinks, you end up eating more total calories.


Studies show that sugary drinks are linked to an increased risk of obesity in children 60%, per daily dose.

Make a decision to minimize the amount of sugar in your diet and consider eliminate sugary drinks completely.

This includes sugary drinks like industrialize “fruit” juice with high sugar content, and various sports drinks with high sugar content.

How to burn Belly Fat?

When it comes to getting into a routine designed for Belly Fat loss you need to think about a combination of factors, not just a magic formula.

To get rid of fat accumulation in this region of the body, we need to invest in a balanced diet and focused exercise for burning fat.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet leads your body to eliminate accumulated toxins and focus only on burn the fat that is already accumulated, rather than accumulate more fat.

If you focus only on exercise and forget the food, you’ll end up in a cycle. That’s because all the fat you burn in the exercises, back to being accumulated, especially in the abdominal region, due to a bad or unbalanced diet.

Promote a higher quality of life for you!


One important thing you should be aware to start this routine is that the results are not instantaneous.

It takes you to have patience because the fat burning will come and you will be able to eliminate all the fat accumulated in your abdominal region.

But it will take time if you want to go through the process in a health way and mostly definitive.

What to do to lose abdomen fat

As mentioned above, burning fat from the abdomen is the result of the union between nutrition and exercise.

Maintain a balanced and healthy diet is enough to make you boost your body to work towards burning fat, which is exactly what you want it to do.

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For the exercises, you can invest in a specific series of exercises that will give a boost in your fat burning, so that your abdominal region is free of it once and for all.

A good request for those who want efficient results and are not afraid to sweat is to bet on HIIT-type training, in other words, high intensity exercises.

This type of training acts directly on your fat burning and will work the maximum calorie burning with maximum results, all using the minimum time needed to achieve this.


With this in mind, you need to be aware that you will need to work on the three areas that make up your abdomen: upper, lower, and oblique.

To achieve a really efficient and beautiful result you will need to work in all three regions. It is not enough to just eliminate the fat, it is also necessary to strengthen the muscles. Because it’s no good to be thin and flabby, is not it?

Within this perspective, betting on aerobic exercises is a great way to get your body to actually burn fat not just from the abdominal area, but as a whole.

So, bet on activities such as running, skipping rope. Aerobic activities help you get your body to boost Belly Fat burning.

Do not be afraid to sweat.

It’s exactly the intensity of the exercise that will make it really work for you.

Ideally, aerobic exercises should be combined with strengthening exercises in the region, and these are exactly what will be covered in the following topics.


There is no way to get away, you need to invest in abdominal exercises

Just doing sit-ups will not cause all the fat accumulated in the area to be burned. This is because the abdominals are strengthening exercises, in other words, they will leave your muscles strong and well defined.

That is why they should be combined with aerobic exercises that promote fat burning, but never left out.

The ideal is that along with aerobic exercises you work with the isolated strengthening of all the abdominal regions, in order to achieve a uniform result and actually send the fat away.


To work the first region of the abdomen, the upper, the best option is to invest in traditional abs, those that everyone knows.

To do this simply lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

Place your arms at the back of the head, with your palms resting on the back of your head and lift your shoulders off the floor with your abdomen to lift, returning to the floor and repeat the movement.

For efficient results the ideal is to do one series a day with as many times as your body can withstand the exercise, in order to take your muscle to the limit.

Mark how many sit-ups you’ve done and increase one more the next day and so on. If you want to potentiate the effects of the abdominal, you can use a pilates ball to support your legs and your feet stay off the ground.


Now that you already know what to do to work the upper region, it’s time to see how to work the obliques, which are nothing more than the lateral region of the abdomen.

A little more complex, the abdominal essential to working this region is also known as bicycling on the ground.

To do so you will lie down on the floor with your back down and your legs stretched out. Support your hands at the nape of the neck and pull both legs off the floor. Now you just coordinate the movement of the legs with the movement of the arms.

You will pull one knee towards your chest and will rotate your torso, pulling your shoulders off the floor so as to touch your elbow opposite the leg that went to your chest on your knee, doing the same movement with the other leg and the other arm without supporting either of the legs or shoulders on the floor.

The rule of repetition is the same as the abs for the upper region.


Lastly, to work the lower region of your abdomen, you will do an abdominal that is called a leg lift.

You will lie down with your back down and support your hands on the butt, just in the lower part of the spine, to give support and not hurt your lower back.

When it is done, you will raise your legs stretched out at a 90 degree angle with your abdomen and lower them stretched as low as you can without touching the floor, lifting them back to their original position.

The rule of repetition is the same as the two types of abs.

Doing this every day with the combination with aerobic exercises, the results you will achieve will be amazing and you will be able to eliminate once and for all the fat accumulated in your abdomen.

It is necessary to accelerate the Metabolism!

To lose Belly Fat you need to put your body to work and speed up your metabolism is imperative. In order for your metabolism to accelerate and work hard, it is necessary for you to renew your muscle tissues as it is the best way to lose Belly Fat.

The rule is simple: the more lean mass you have, the more calories and Belly Fat you will be able to lose, since the muscle tissues have great responsibility in your body which is to perform the calorie burning in the right way.


From the moment you lose or have little muscle tissue, because you are not exercising or because you have a diet low in nutrients, know that your body will call for help for your own muscle tissue to ensure the necessary energy source as complement.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Increasing Metabolism and Burning Fat:

To lose Belly Fat, appealing to fast and highly restrictive diets is not the best alternative, because even in the beginning your body will accelerate the metabolism and achieve some result, over time this diet will lose its true purpose.


That way, choosing to consume low-calorie foods all day long and for several days will cause your metabolism to get used to having a smaller workload and will be slow again.

1 – Do not accumulate more fat.

To Lose Belly Fat only kill yourself working out doesn’t work, you need to change mostly your diet, since this is the only way to prevent you from accumulating more fat.

Basically, people gain weight simply by making a greater consumption of calories that their body needs daily.

Thus, a change in eating habits is crucial, yet this change does not call for food restriction and deprivation. Understand that it is perfectly possible to eat what you like, as long as it is in a moderate and smaller amount than the you are used to.

To lose Belly Fat, the idea is also not to accumulate more fat in your body, right? And for that, you just have to align this adjustment of your diet with a level of physical exercise. Make small meals every 3 hours so that your metabolism is always working throughout the day.

2 – Burning localized fat

To burn and lose the Belly Fat that is already stocked in your body you need to combine these following steps:

Stabilize your blood glucose levels Practice aerobic exercises and strength exercises on a regular basis.


Do not abolish the carbohydrates in your diet, provided they are the carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index.

Carbohydrates that offer a low glycemic index make your insulin levels stable and prevent glucose from oscillating in your blood.

Know that these carbohydrates should be consumed precisely because they offer a source rich in fibers and take longer to be digested causing the metabolism to remain accelerated.

Good examples of these low glycemic index carbohydrates are whole grains, greenery, fruits and vegetables.

In contrast, avoid consuming high-glycemic foods such as white rice, sweets, sugars, biscuits, and cakes. Know that these foods are digested quickly and promote a delay in your metabolism. In this way, the speed with which these foods are digested deceives the brain where the feeling of satiety remains for much less time.

3 – Physical exercises and metabolism

To Lose Belly Fat it is crucial that you take it by habit to practice high intensity interval exercises, also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

This methodology developed by the Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata was done precisely for people who want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

In addition to letting the metabolism accelerate, HIIT will make your body burn more fat in the moments of rest, in other words, after practicing the exercises your body will continue to burn fat.

Traditional Training X Short and Heavy Trainings

Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata did a study to compare what brought most effectiveness to people: long-term aerobic activities with moderate intensity or short and intense activities.


Thus, the researcher brought together two groups of people to test the effectiveness of the method. On the one hand a group that performed a series of intense exercises that were only 20 seconds long with rest intervals of 10 seconds.

And, on the other hand, a group that did more traditional activities of moderate intensity for one hour. The experiment period was six weeks.

At the end of the period and after the gathering of results, the doctor was able to observe that the numbers were higher for people who did intense training in a short time.

The observed superiority appeared in both, the aerobic abilities of people, as in anaerobic.


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