It’s attitude. Being on a weight loss program for many is unfortunately almost an admission of self shame, embarrassing. We beat ourselves up on how did I let myself get like this, look how much work I have to do, it will never happen, the world is looking at me and judging me… and sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice is all we can think about… we might as well climb Mount Everest.

Attitude is everything in life. Remember – those who climb Mount Everest have done so voluntarily anticipating the adventure and exhilaration. Making it to the top is secondary to the actual pride in attempting one of the world’s greatest conquers. Hate to use the cliche – but it is true – glass half empty, half full, or… I am filling up that glass.

What is the difference between a goal and a dream?

A dream: is a whim, strong desire… I would like to do that… or even a grown up game of make believe. The plan isn’t there.

A Goal: is a dream with a detailed plan on how to get there, and a timeline and deadline. Something mapped out detailed route with realistic time projections – knowing we have to anticipate traffic is never smooth and we will have to manoeuvre moguls along the way.

SNAFUs (excuse the blunt acronym) are the norm – but this is a welcomed part of the challenge to make us stronger and ultimately we reap a stronger “YES” feeling of success.

You might not agree with the sport of bodybuilding… but the attitude of a bodybuilder, discipline to be respected is something I urge anyone trying to lose weight to learn from. Again, I absolutely if we stick to the paradigm of counting calories in calories out, gym X number of times a week… reporting for torture… we are doomed for failure, or temporary results at best.

Sustainable Fat loss is a science of mind, body, spirit, self love, and we realize it is one of the best routes to our happy place. A sense that we worked hard, earned something… now there is a natural high.

Dieters Traditional Attitude

I have to lose weight

Counting calories

I Have to go to the *&^%$&) gym on Tuesday and Thursday night

(Sob Sob Sob) I only lost 2 lousy pounds last week with all that work

I can’t have cheesecake, I can’t have… I can’t have…

OK… this is useless, I have no time for this, I’m too busy… I will way till time frees us and try again (just a btw… time does NOT free up… we MAKE the time, and know how more efficient and productive we become with pride and self accomplishment!)

Body Builders Focus

The Victory of the body I am carving

Nutrients I need to fuel my body to perform

Can’t wait for the next training session – but there are so many training opps throughout the day

Looking good… use a tape measure, note how clothes fit… smile!

I can have… I can have… I can have…

Eye on the goal… getting there… OK slip there… I’m on it… back on!

Self discipline is self control and liberation. NOT sacrifice at all, it’s a reward of taking charge of our life – not our life controlling us.

There is a sign up at the gym… “Record your workout to track your amazing progress”… it’s not that easy.

I think entitlement is a form of self terrorism and sabotage along with learned helplessness.. Entitlement I believe is part of dreaming. Just because we go to the gym does NOT mean we will have amazing results.

Amazing results takes inconveniencing ourselves, trying new ideas and routines, reaching outside our comfort zone, an OPEN MIND, allowing for paradigm shifts and most of all welcoming challenges as an opportunity for growth and reward, not evidence to support self nay saying.

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